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As you get in the habit of uploading all your study content into iDoRecall, you can efficiently train your brain on the very knowledge that you want to have at your fingertips.

Based upon the latest advances in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education science, iDoRecall helps you capture key information, develop robust mental models and perfect your natural ability to recall everything you learn. IDoRecall helps you develop the knowledge foundation required to become a more creative person.

Crush procrastination

Master time management

Let’s face it. Everyone suffers from procrastination to some degree. It’s human nature to avoid difficult and painful tasks. But procrastination is a killer for students. Getting behind in your studies can destroy your grades and future career opportunities.
iDorecall helps keep you on track and is procrastination’s worst enemy. All of your studying is organized with deadlines set by you and the iDorecall algorithm.
With our friendly reminder system and the even distribution of your work over the course of the semester, you never get behind, feel overwhelmed, or have to face the last-minute nightmare of trying to catch up.
Get organized.
Stay organized.
Students today are faced with a wider range of study than ever before. It has become near impossible to organize the wide array of class notes, handouts, assigned reading, physical books, ebooks, slide presentations, PDFs, video, images, smartphone photos of content, web page reading, results of Google reaches, and many other learning sources. How can students keep all this disparate yet related content and study material organized? The answer for you is iDoRecall. Upload all your study content into iDoRecall and we’ll make it super easy to keep everything tightly organized and easily searchable.
Leverage the cutting edge learning techniques.
Without a deep and broad knowledge base, there is no foundation for creativity nor the framework for attaching new learnings. When we possess a large quantity of easily retrievable knowledge and robust mental models on a subject matter, we become capable of inventing creative and novel solutions to future problems.

IDoRecall utilizes these and many other scientifically proven strategies for effective learning and long-term recall

Spaced practice

Despite popular belief, reviewing, rereading and highlighting do not create durable long-term memory. Only practicing retrieval from memory, especially when practice is spaced over time, creates the pathways needed to easily recall what you have learned.


Switching between different topic areas within a subject helps you get better at figuring out What kind of problem is this? in real life situations. Life doesn’t throw challenges at you in the same neat and orderly fashion as a textbook.


Variation in your practice approach and context increases the new pathways to retrieval of memories. You can change the context by changing the times and places where you study. If you want to become proficient at 3 foot putts, practice more 2 and 4 foot putts. There are many ways that you can employ variation.


Recall information and events and then analyze the what, how and why. Ask yourself these questions and consider future alternative solutions in order to create supercharged mental models. IDoRecall’s in-app coach will guide you to reflect.


Come up with answers to questions you’ve never even faced before.
Even a failed attempt helps create the infrastructure for new learning. Finding new solutions to a problem prompts your brain to activate all relevant memories and makes it more receptive to the new materials.


Elaboration is the expression of concepts, facts and ideas in your own words and then tying additional layers of information that you already know to the subject at hand. This results in far richer mental models that prepare your brain for internalizing new content.

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“Experts in any domain generally have great swaths of memorized information directly at their fingertips. The memorization process can, perhaps surprisingly, lead to deeper understanding. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true!”

Professor Barbara Oakley

Co-founder of the “Learning How to Learn” MOOC at Coursera.com

“People generally are going about learning in the wrong ways. Empirical research into how we learn and remember shows that much of what we take for gospel about how we learn turns out to be largely wasted effort… The most effective learning strategies are not intuitive.”

Professors Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel

“This accessible guide shows how to integrate effective, research-backed strategies for learning into classroom practice.”

Megan Sumeracki, PhD and Yana Weinstein, PhD