About Us

iDoRecall was inspired by a vision that technology and automation could be utilized to empower students and lifelong learners to become more efficient and effective scholars. There are many popular study methodologies which are popular yet inefficient or ineffective. As examples, many learners use rereading and highlighting of text but these have been proven to not be wonderful study techniques!

We all also have fallen victim to mental atrophy from many of the “neuroprostheses” gifted to us by modern technology. How many of us have become less gifted at spelling because we use spelling checkers, less able to do arithmetic in our heads because of calculators and spreadsheets or worse of all, less knowledgeable because we use Google as a lobe of our brain?

David Handel, MD co-founder and CEO

David went to medical school before the age of cell phones, personal computers and the Internet. But he had an innate sense of proper study techniques such as utilizing flashcards and spaced repetition. He used these strategies to graduated #1 in his medical school class. Several years ago he took the wonderful MOOC, Learning How To learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects. This course inspired David to design the iDorecall web application and make it easy for students to achieve success that they never believed possible.
Coming from Graphic design, UI/UX field, Lev enjoys building online products and services that make complex functionality intuitive and easy for users. In his 18+ years professional career Lev has worked on building Web & Mobile User Interfaces for Google and Oracle, designing marketing materials for such companies as Tiffany & Co, Maserati, Harry Winston, Whole Foods Market etc. and participated in a number of online SaaS startups.

Lev Mazin, Co-founder