As we launch our baby out into the world, I can’t help from looking back at its gestational period of six years. That’s right. I broke every rule in the book about moving fast and breaking things. This journey started in 2012 when I first conceived of the idea to build an app, something like Anki, but take the concept of spaced-repetition flashcards in an entirely new direction. I never liked the idea that digital flashcards live in another realm than your learning materials. It seemed to me that your flashcards and your learning materials should be intimately linked. If you practice a card and you draw a blank, why can’t you immediately, with a click, see the source material and see where you were in the source material when you created your card? Then quickly refresh your memory before you go on to the next flashcard to practice? In the physical world, that would be a challenging exercise at best. But we live in the digital age and there is no excuse for not having an easy path from a flashcard to your source learning materials and back again in seconds. That simple idea was the genesis of iDoRecall.

So, why did it take me six years to birth this baby? In a large part, it was the breakdown of developer relationships as twice, someone working with me got hired by Google and we parted ways. Each time I started over and never reused existing code. Heck, I even tried building the app myself. When I retired from practicing radiology in 2014, I got accepted into Hack Reactor and had the intention of being my own technical co-founder. Alas, I got a bad case of imposter syndrome and dropped out of the program.

My co-founder at, Lev Mazin, who also is a co-founder of iDoRecall, didn’t let me not do this. I am pretty sure that I would have followed through no matter what but, he was the conscience of my ambition.

Studying is broken. Students too often cram and most forget the majority of what they’ve learned in a course within thirty days of the final exam. When I was in medical school, I used flashcards all of the time. I even used some crude resemblance of spaced-repetition. It worked. I’m no genius but I did finish first in my class and I attribute that success to my effective learning and study techniques. We know so much more today about what works and doesn’t work in learning and study techniques than we knew when I was a student. I specifically refer you to the fantastic Learning How to Learn free online course and I urge you to take this course and invest the time to read Make it Stick. With that quick education, you will know all you need in order to learn and study more effectively and efficiently than you ever dreamed was possible.

So why did we create iDoRecall? Personal wealth and dreams of a huge exit one day are not what gets us up in the morning to make this a reality. I’m fortunate to have enough of a nest egg from thirty years of radiology that I never need to work another day in order to live my chosen lifestyle, take care of my family and their security, and contribute back to the world. The answer is iDoRecall is a true passion project. It’s something that I had to materialize into the world. Of the many ways I am committed to giving back to the world, iDoRecall is going to prove the greatest gift of all. That’s my belief. I am convinced that iDoRecall is going to help thousands of students and lifelong learners achieve their full potential. At least that’s my prediction and hope as we launch.

We wish you the very best in your journey to the head of your class and we’re rooting for your continuous lifelong personal development.


One last thing. If you are interested in our 30-day no credit card free trial, make sure to invest 8 minutes watching our demo video. In the video, I mention that your new account comes with some preloaded onboarding flashcards but as I write this, we haven’t yet made that happen. Watch the video any and you will know all that you need to know to be an instant power user.