The Massive Benefits of iDoRecall

iDoRecall is the only app that can help you reach your absolute potential as a student and lifelong learner. By uploading all of your learning materials into iDR and making digital flashcards linked to all the important concepts and facts, you’ll ensure that you remember everything that you learn, forever!
With iDR, not only do you create a library to store and organize all of your learning materials, you create a database of all your learnings, gleaned from your studies with a surefire system to maintain what you’ve learned in your brain.

We all know that Google search and storage apps like Evernote are wonderful neuroprostheses for finding information or storing it, but it’s critical to keep important concepts, facts and knowledge in our own retrievable memory for success in school and in life. iDR lets you decide what you want to remember and ensures that you are successful in that mission.

iDR also functions as a project manager for your studies and school work. Assign deadlines for completing the reading and what we call the “processing of your learning materials” and we’ll remind you as due dates approach. We’ll help you crush the natural urge to procrastinate so that you can get your work completed on time.
The majority of students forget what they learn in a course shortly after the final exam. But what happens if that material is a building block for another course or is needed to do well in a graduate exam or professional school entrance examination? Many students find themselves doing massive restudy to prepare for these exams and paying a lot of money for prep courses. If you faithfully use iDR, you’ll maintain recall of everything that you ever learned. You won’t need prep courses because everything you need to know will always be in your head, whenever you need it.