1. Upload all your learning materials to iDR.
  2. Create flashcards linked to facts/concepts.
  3. Practice your flashcards. Forget something?
  4. Click to see exactly where you learned it.
  5. Quickly refresh your memory.
  6. Be a smirky badass student.

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Your journey to becoming a more effective, efficient and successful student and lifelong learner begins with a 30-day, full-featured free trial of iDoRecall. No credit card is needed. Sign up today! After you create your account, you’ll have full and unlimited access to iDR, a progressive web application optimized for desktops, laptops and mobile devices via any modern browser.

Register with your school email (.edu) to get special pricing. After a 30-day free trial, sign up for a paid account at iDoRecall. The membership costs <$5 per month based on the annual commitment $54.99. 

The iDR membership permits you to create an unlimited number of digital spaced-repetition flashcards. We call them recalls here at iDR. Each recall can contain images and math formulae. You can upload an unlimited number of images and files into your account. You can upload all of your learning materials into iDR and create recalls linked to specific content within your uploaded files. File upload types include PDFs, Word files, Powerpoints and most image file types. 

Equivalent to less than $5/month 
with annual subscription
after 30 days trial
How it works:

IDR is a web app that empowers you to remember everything you learn by making spaced-repetition digital flashcards (we call them recalls) that are linked to any content you can imagine such as websites, study notes, Word docs, PDFs, Powerpoints, photos of a friend’s lecture notes, almost any kind of image file and so much more.

You can upload all of your learning materials into iDR, and build recalls that are linked to specific locations in them, such as a specific sentence in a Word doc. Then iDR will show you the recalls when you most likely to just beginning to forget a fact or concept.

You grade your practice performance on each recall. If you bomb out and forget it cold, a link on the back of the recall card will open up the associated source content at the exact location where you created the recall, such as that specific sentence just mentioned. Quickly refresh your memory and then carry on with your practice session.

While there are several digital flashcard apps out there, iDR is the first one that lets you directly link the flashcards to your learning materials.

Testing has been proven to be the most powerful technique for building memory and recall. When you attempt to recall something, without any outside hints, such as is present with a multiple choice question, this mental exercise reinforces synapses and pathways, even creating new neural pathways back to the answer. It’s okay to struggle and even fail to successfully recall an answer. The struggle to remember something builds future success. It’s a workout for your memory that creates a more powerful memory. 

You can remember everything you learn. Forever!